Keep Your Head Up and Your Fashion Forwardâ„¢

Worldwide Freight Forwarder Specializing in Global Logistics

Fashion Forward Worldwide Corporation was established in 1999 with the express purpose of supporting the fashion industry through global logistics and transportation services. Since that time, we have grown into a dynamic and progressive company that is proud to act as a freight forwarder for clients in a wide range of industries on an international level. By developing a matchless transportation system, we are uniquely qualified to meet the needs of professionals across the globe.

Cost-Effective Global Logistics Solutions

Over our years in business, our main priority has been delivering reasonably priced global logistics solutions that integrate seamlessly into the daily business operations of clients. Essentially, our job is to connect U.S. importers and exporters with the rest of world.

From overhauling transportation techniques, to meshing with existing traffic arrangements, clients depend on us to streamline logistics across the board using a proven system. As a freight forwarder, we have incorporated a number of cargo transportation options into our services to ensure you reach your goals on time and within budget. Today, our most sought services include:

Air Freight
Air FreightFull Range of Air Freight Services for the Fashion Industry
Ocean Freight
Ocean FreightComplete Full Container and Less Than Container Services
Customs Clearance
Customs ClearanceIn-House Licensed, Professional Services
Warehousing and DistributionBonded, Insured and Secure Worldwide Warehouse Facilities
TruckingLocal, Nationwide and International Services
Complete Cargo InsuranceApproved Cargo Insurance Agents
Agent Network
Agent NetworkTrusted Worldwide Network of Experienced Agents
flag of the united states of americaGovernment LinksDirect Automated Links to Government Agencies

To learn more about teaming up with Fashion Forward Worldwide Corporation and taking advantage of our logistics services, contact us at your earliest convenience. Our business serves the unique needs of businesses in a wide range of industries. We proudly serve clients internationally.